My education consists of studying Informatics with a focus in New Media at Indiana University Kokomo. I chose New Media in order to receive more programming knowledge since New Media contained courses like PHP, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, iPhone and App Development.

Here is a complete list of Applications that I have used extensively.

Informatics -  (The study of Information Technology applied to virtually any field. Informatics focuses on the individual, organization, or society that uses IT. Informatics students like myself learn a universal set of tools for problem solving, analyzing systems, an array of communication techniques, and computational methods and practices for fundamental IS services.)

Break-Down By Course

***Programming grouped here so some New Media Courses are included as well

The following courses have helped me to learn programming techniques for a variety of applications. The professors at IUK have taught me to write code efficiently, effectively, and to stress good code reusability by documenting thoroughly.

INFO I210 - Visual Basic

I was introduced to OOP and learned about Encapsulation, Inheritance, & Polymorphism. We developed applications and covered decision structures, Loops, Arrays and data-structures, and used Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Professional for building modules, menus, and forms.

INFO I211 - Intro to Java

I learned the Eclipse IDE, how to use the Java API, and practiced OOP techniques. We covered Android programming as well and I developed a simple Multi-language app.

INFO I400 - Advanced Java

I really got a chance to learn OOP extensively in this course. I was able to create classes and use inheritance properly and finally comprehend polymorphism. In this course, we:

      • studied proper programming practices and techniques
      • built robust Java applications using advanced object-oriented features such as information hiding, encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism and exception handling.
      • designed and implemented graphical user interfaces (GUIs) using abstract object oriented GUI components.
      • implemented object-oriented programs using complex data structures such as linked lists, hash tables, stacks, queues, and trees.
      • designed and implemented applications that interact with SQL-compliant databases using the JDBC API.
      • designed and executed testing mechanisms for object-oriented programs using JUnit.       

NMCM 362 - Advanced PHP

This course has taught me more about Server-side scripting and PHP. I am currently learning OOP with PHP this final semester.

NMCM 213 - HTML5, CSS, Intro to JavaScript + PHP

This course was the first programming course I took at IUK. I really enjoyed the course and the instructor which helped solidify that I was in the right place doing something I really enjoyed.

NMCM 262 – JavaScript, JQuery, Ajax

In this course, I learned the importance of validating user import, how extensive and powerful the JQuery library is, and how to write JavaScript to produce Client-side efficiency.

INFO I450 - System Analysis and Design

I learned about multiple frameworks for conveying analysis, development, HCI, testing, and maintaining systems while keeping the objectives of an organization at the center of communication.

INFO I202 – Discreet Mathematics

This course taught me about logical expressions. We learned about logic tables, recursion, and induction. This class helped me to understand and be able to write recursive functions in my programming.

INFO I308 – Information Representation

This course helped me to understand how the computer interprets machine code. I learned binary, octal and hexadecimal number systems, basic arithmetic manipulation of binary numbers, methods of representing data inside a computer (characters and numbers) , relational database representation (ER model and diagram; SQL, XML, DTD, XSLT, XPath, data structures such as Queues, Stacks, Trees, and Hash tables and basic searching and sorting methods.

INFO I450, INFO I303 - Development of Information System, Representative Information

In these courses I learned about System Analysis and Database Management. I learned about Information Systems and their uses and different tools such as CASE tools to perform system analysis. I learned SQL and also we studied methodologies that included:

Methodologies & Diagrams

        • Agile Modeling, RAD, SDLC
        • UML, PERT, ERD, DFD

INFO I300 - Interaction Design (HCI)

This was an Interaction Design course. I learned about HCI and how to define requirements, design alternatives, prototype, and evaluate in an iterative development process.

New Media

Publication & Editorial Design (NMCM 410)

I have learned how to use Adobe InDesign to layout book covers, fliers, brochures, magazine articles, and other media. This class has taught me Grid Theory along with simple things like making your prints CMYK and image resolution, bleeds, and borders.

New Media Communication Theory (N411)

I learned about a theoretical, critical framework for analyzing how new technologies and media influence society.

Video Production Practicum (NMCM 262)

I learned about studio production. We were able to use the Kokomo Career Center and the studio equipment to make a small news broadcast production. We also used Final Cut Pro to edit and render video we shot with an HD Camcorder.

Graphic Design (NMCM 312)

I learned to use Photoshop, Illustrator, and Bridge in this course. I mainly focused on Illustrator because I was already familiar with Photoshop. We learned graphic design techniques and strategies.

International Studies Humanities

 HSS 450 – Innovation Symposium

This was one of the best courses and programs I was involved in at IUK. The Innovation Symposium is a nominated and selected group of students that study many of the great innovators of history by traveling to the United Kingdom and visiting museums and libraries; cities like York and Lincoln; universities like Oxford; and architecture like Stonehenge and many awesome cathedrals. If you wanted to donate your money to a good cause, this is a university program worth your investment. I received first-hand experience of how much this one course can impact a student’s education. It was only a 3 week summer course in May but I started reading the books and covering the course material 6 months earlier in January. I read The British Enlightenment by Roy Porter, High Noon: 20 Global Problems, 20 Years To Solve Them by Jean-francois Rischard, The World Is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-first Century by Thomas L. Friedman, Discover Your Genius: How to Think Like History's Ten Most Revolutionary Minds by Michael J. Gelb, and Where Good Ideas Come From by Steven Johnson. I then created an e-commerce site for fundraising. In England, we stayed in London for a week and then took a sleeper train to Scotland where we spent 4 days at the Isle of Mull. We helped to clean the beaches and studied the economic conditions of the island, which is nearly untouched and isolated from most of the world. We then went to Halaxton Manor, University of Evansville to stay for another week and half. It was at Harlaxton where the group reminisced on the many discoveries that were made and reflected on ideas that could improve technologies, programs, and communities. After completing my project in July, I’ve been working on another website for the group that will help to improve the Innovation Symposium in future years.

Prerequisites and Electives

Philosophy (P100)

Course helped to develop critical thinking and reasoning skills along with how to evaluate and communicate logically.

Political Science (POLS Y103)

I learned about governments and how they are established along with how media influences policies, how government structures influence economies, and how citizens play a role in developing governments.

Public Speaking (SPCH S121)

I developed the skills necessary to communicate effectively, speak publicly, listen critically, and evaluate information critically.

Microbiology (L 270) + Chemistry (CHEM C100/C120)

I learned basic scientific principles and methods and how to apply them to explore natural phenomena, nature, and scientific facts.  

Human Computer Interaction (INFO I300)

I developed the skills to design and develop tools based on human relationships to Computers and how users interact with systems.

Globalization (INFO I356)

I learned how other cultures conduct business, live, and events that occur in other countries. I also learned about a framework for conducting or altering your behavior to best suit your surroundings while around another culture.  

History (H114)

I learned how history repeats itself. How studying why something happened in the past can lend a person some insight for what will happen in the future when the same or similar situations exist.

English (W131) + English (W132)

I developed MLA and APA style formatting skills, how to research topics effectively, and also how to portray ideas through writing techniques.

English (W231)

I gained the necessary skills to plan and organize effectively using analysis and critical thinking skills within the business environment. I also learned about the ethical issues that impact professional communication.

English (L390) Children’s Literature

In this course, I learned about genres of children’s literature and techniques for choosing literature for children as well as techniques and methods for reading aloud to a child.

Fine Arts (FINA 100)

I learned about art and the history of art. I was amazed at the usefulness of this course. I learned techniques and strategies about line, composition, spatial depth, foreshortening and perspective, color, negative and positive space, and the use of diagonals size and scale. These techniques and methods have become very useful when designing images or laying out websites.

Folklore (Folk101)

 I learned that folklore exists everywhere and within every culture. This was a fun class.

Spanish (S111)

So far I have learned to speak the basics but I am hoping to be relatively  -partially fluent in Spanish by the end of the semester with enough practice beyond the classroom.

Astronomy (A101)

I wanted to use the observatory. It would seem like a waste to know that their is so much above our heads and never look at it with this university equipment.




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