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Message Bottle

MessageBottle is a social networking-type site that is still under development. It is a complex CMS that will introduce messaging capabilities that are not yet implemented with similar sites. For more information or to view development, contact me.

Blended Recipe and Blended Resume are still in development.

Blended Recipe is a utility that allows people to specify the ingredients they have and find what recipes
they can make as well as creating new recipes and also turning those recipes into a digital eBook.

Blended Resume will soon be in service and available for employers to use. The main utility is similar to Blended Recipe,
but instead of ingredients, company's will be able to specify the skills they need and find applicants with those skills with ranked
results, of which, each applicant can then be added to a list; and in turn, each list can be save as a .pdf that contains all the
resumes of the chosen applicants. Multiple lists will be able to be saved in order to satisfy multiple positions a company may be
offering. I thought this would be a good way for a company to instantly search through thousands of resumes and find the most
suitable applicants. Hopefully, this utility can increase the number of quality interviews for each position a company
is seeking. I'm hoping to release the first version of this utility sometime in 2015.

The following link demonstrates these utilities, use mam21/mam21 for user id and password.

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The Lugga-Stand was developed after a study abroad course (Innovation Symposium 2013).

 Video of Lugga-Stand Design and Prototype

The Symbol is a Science-Fiction/Fantasy novel that took me about four years to complete. (apparently needed 5 or more to be successful [:-)


Download/View The Symbol (pdf, 1,126mb)